How Chris Paul makes others better


While a coordinated seven footer down low can change the game of basketball more than any other player on the floor, a team’s greatest need is a valuable point guard. While it’s nice to have a point guard who can score 25 points a game and make highlight real dunks in every game, a true point guard uses his skill set to make his teammates more productive.

In an article written by Clippers Blogger DJ Foster, Foster breaks down the impact CP3 had in New Orleans as the Hornets floor captain, and how he will make his fellow Clippers better players in 2012-13. 

[“Image by JoeGlo1 via Flickr”]Chris Paul goes low on Chandler pick


When evaluating the offseason for the Clippers, it’s become commonplace to assume that every player will see a “bump” in their production, simply because they’ll be playing next to Chris Paul. This requires little explanation — Paul is one of the best “pure” point guards to ever grace the floor, and by definition, he makes everything easier on his teammates.

he helps his teammates. That’s a tricky thing to quantify for a variety of reasons (coaching, other teammates, injuries, etc.), but let’s give it a shot….More at Blog for the Los Angeles NBA Clippers Fans

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